2013 Real Estate Statistics                *Note: Palm Haven Tract Index only tracks properties inside Palm Haven subdivision.

Tracking area # of sales Median sales price Change from prior year Median cost per sq ft Avg sales price Avg cost per sq ft
2012- Palm Haven Tract Index 5 $727000 -10.8% $471 $682490 $464
Not enough sales recorded yet in Palm Haven for current year results.
Willow Glen (95125) 81 $820000 20.4% $535    
SC County resale houses only 1282 $774000 15.4% $508    
SC County All Sales 1914 $675000 16% $505    

Palm Haven, Riverside Park & vicinity real estate activity for 2013
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   725 Coe Avenue

   985 Plaza Drive

No properties are known pending at this time.

   928 Plaza Drive

   745 Riverside Drive

   853 Riverside Drive

   960 Plaza Drive

   864 Riverside Drive


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