985 Plaza Drive

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Lot : 5500 sq. ft.          

Beds/Baths: 4/2

House: 2595 sq. ft.

Built - best original date: 12/19/1938
From: Original construction permit
Last exterior change: 1/1/1989

Subdivision/Tract Name: Palm Haven Subdivision
Developer: Eaton, Vestal, & Herschbach

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Transaction History

Note: Prices back to mid-1990s. Early records may not show actual value.
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    Architect/builder information

From 1/1/1989 major exterior change:   
Architecture Firm:    -or- Architect:   Builder:  

Original from 12/19/1938:
Architecture Firm:    Architect:  
Building Firm:    Builder: Breedlove, George W.
Original Construction Cost: $4250  Original Size Info:  


    House Style Notes

Spanish Colonial Revival     

Arched window and entry, front courtyard, and clay-tile roof pay homage to the style. The 2nd story addition retained the basic siding and roofing materials.

     Collected Documents

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General Notes:

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    City of San Jose Heritage Tree Register

There are 2  Washingtonia robusta Heritage Trees in the frontage parkway of this property.

There are       Heritage Trees in the side frontage parkway of this property.

Heritage Trees - on private property:  

City of San Jose Historical Record

Note: Research for this site has found much of the City of San Jose historical data to be inaccurate.

Historic Designations:

Historic Commission Description:  

Historic Commission Analysis:  

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National Register of Historic Places Inventory-Nomination Form: False

Owner/Occupant history

1982  Address Listed:    Comment:  
Ownership Notes:  
Occupant(s): Allison, Mark | Allison, Kate |   |   |