853 Riverside Drive

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Lot : 4949 sq. ft.          

Beds/Baths: 3/2.5

House: 2921 sq. ft.

Built - best original date: 1/1/1948
From: County transfer record
Last exterior change: 12/12/2003

Subdivision/Tract Name: Riverside Park

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Transaction History

Note: Prices back to mid-1990s. Early records may not show actual value.
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    Architect/builder information

From 12/12/2003 major exterior change:   
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    House Style Notes


Contemporary built entirely new in 2003-4. Makes use of many different roofing styles in juxtaposition: steeply pitched gable-end, Dutch gambrel, softer pitched gable and more around the sides. Numerous window styles vary from arched groupings, transoms, and massive full-story groupings.

     Collected Documents

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General Notes:

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    City of San Jose Heritage Tree Register

There are no Heritage Trees recorded on this property or on its public frontage. The data collected for this site is focused on Palm Haven - check with the City of San Jose to verify whether a Heritage Tree is located on your property.

City of San Jose Historical Record

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Owner/Occupant history

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