725 Coe Avenue

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Lot : 8515 sq. ft.          

Beds/Baths: 4/2

House: 1949 sq. ft.

Built - best original date: 11/20/1925
From: Original construction permit
Last exterior change: 2/16/2005

Subdivision/Tract Name: Palm Haven Subdivision
Developer: Eaton, Vestal, & Herschbach

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Transaction History

Note: Prices back to mid-1990s. Early records may not show actual value.
Date Grantor(s) Grantee(s) Price
6/1/2006 Nolet, Julianne

Nolet, Julianne

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    Architect/builder information

From 2/16/2005 major exterior change:   
Architecture Firm: JF Building Design  -or- Architect:   Builder:  

Original from 11/20/1925:
Architecture Firm:    Architect:  
Building Firm:    Builder: Haskins, Albert F.
Original Construction Cost: $7600  Original Size Info: 2-story, 7-room res, 12x27 bsmt


    House Style Notes

Second Colonial Revival     

This clever example of Second Colonial Revival styling variously employs elements from the 20th-century style's classic roots in Adam and Georgian precedents. The 3-ranked central block with wings form a symmetrical 3-part plan essentially Georgian in origin. (The second garage to the far left was a 2005 addition.) However, with the wings perpendicular to the central block and forward-facing gables, the design suggests the grander classic 5-part plan made up of a central block, "hyphens" of smaller massing to its sides, and then perpendicular outer wings. This effect is heightened by the use of a large shed dormer in the central block since the space between the ends of the dormer and the wing roofs suggest the "hyphens" in a 5-part plan. This clever combination is rather unusual - the large shed-dormer was typically only found in the Dutch Colonial sub-type. The double and triple 10-lite casements on the first floor are less common than double-hung windows with 6, 8, 9, or 12 lites. However, the compound-arch fan light above the window pair on the right wing was a common treatment and the incorporation of the same fan light in a compound-arched garage door in the left wing helps maintain the compositional symmetry. Though the 1st-story windows in the central block are asymmetrical, the central Adamesque entry with small broken pedimented portico and arched underside supported by columns and entablature in the Doric order anchor the home's overall symmetry. Simple clapboard siding fits the style while allowing the massing and openings to articulate the compositional rhythm. One of very few in the American Colonial style for Palm Haven but a standout in any neighborhood.

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    City of San Jose Heritage Tree Register

There are 5  Washingtonia robusta Heritage Trees in the frontage parkway of this property.

There are 2  Washingtonia robusta  Heritage Trees in the side frontage parkway of this property.

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City of San Jose Historical Record

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Owner/Occupant history

1927  Address Listed:    Comment:  
Ownership Notes:  
Occupant(s): Hargis, William H. | Hargis, Mildred |   |   |
1926  Address Listed:    Comment:  
Ownership Notes:  
Occupant(s): Hargis, William H. | Hargis, Mildred |   |   |